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Like the red color of the fire, rubies are the gemstones that represent love and passion; they’re extremely hard to find in nature and they have been part of the history of multiple civilizations through time. This gemstones represent the good fortune and fertility and can be found mainly in southeast Asia, Brazil, Australia and India.

We researched a lot about them and we want to tell you everything!

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Weight (CARATs)

When we talk about rubies, the objective of the jewelers is to avoid the waste and to preserve the weight of the carats, that’s why they’re cut in different sizes and forms and get adjusted according to the specifications of the millimeters. The bigger the ruby, the weirdest and more expensive it’ll be.


We can find rubies in almost every cut, however, some shapes like the round cut and the emerald cut are more popular because they can make facets reflect the light better, which will pop the characteristic bright red.


All rubies have inclusions that get formed as a part of their natural process of creation; of course, many inclusions will make the rubies dull and less attractive to the eye, and on the contraire, less inclusions will make the color of the stone pop. In case of rubies, they get evaluated without amplification depending on how much the color gets affected.


Just like with the emeralds, the most important characteristic of the ruby is the color; even the price is based on it. The hue (physical color), tone (depth of color) and saturation (distribution of the color). The purer the ruby, the redder it’ll be. Unlike the rest of the gemstones, jewelers don’t have an standard to measure and compare them, because every ruby is different in terms of color and shape.

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