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How to measure your ring size?

Tape measure

We know that the ring size is not something that everyone knows about themselves and that ocassionally it can be complicated to know how to measure your fingers with accuracy, that’s why in this article we’ll tell you step by step how to measure your ring size!

The first step to obtain your ring size is to get a measuring tape, which will let you adapt it to the shape of your finger and make some measures with accuracy.

The second step is to measure your finger with the measuring tape slightly loose; is important to remember that fingers don’t always are the same size, as they exist a lot of conditions during the day that can make fingers swell or slim down. We recommend you to measure your fingers at the end of the day.

What other method can we use to measure our ring size?

There are a lot of guides on internet which are available for the public in general, you only need to print them and try with the different sizes that the images and illustrations will include.

Now you know! The only thing that you need now is to get a ring. In Odem Jewelers we have a great variety of pieces.


  • This size guide must be printed on 8.5” by 11” paper.
  • Before printing, go to “more settings” and ensure “page scaling” is set to “none.”
  • Use the “measuring scale” to ensure the guide’s scale is accurate.
  • Avoid measuring your fingers when they are cold or damp, as they will be smallest.
  • Bands and rings over 5mm in width may fit your finger more tightly than rings of the same size in narrower widths so you might want to consider going up in size; contact us if you’re unsure.

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