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Diamonds 4C’s

Diamonds on black background

If you are interested in knowing more about diamonds, this article we gave ourselves the task to talk with our jewelers and ask them to explain what gives diamonds their value. Keep reading yo know everything they told us!

The cut, the color, the clarity and the carat weight are the 4 main characteristics of the diamonds that make them unique and unrepeatable. Get to know them, fall in love with your jewelry and choose it wisely.


2ct round brilliant cut diamond
2ct round brilliant cut diamond

The cut refers to how the facets of the diamonds position to create the sparkle of the jewel. A diamond that is cut with the right proportions, (not too deep or too superficial) will be brighter.

Another reason why the cut is important is because if the diamond doesn’t have the right cut, it will be shallow, no matter the e color grad or clarity. This means that the better the cut, the brighter and beautiful it will be.

Types of cuts?

Brilliant cut, step cut and mixed cut.

What are the forms in tendency?

The form of the diamonds refers to the geometric appearance that they present. The ones that are trending are Round brilliant, Princess-cut, Asscher-cut, Marquise-cut, Cushion-cut, Oval-cut, Emerald-cut, Radiant-cut, Pear-shaped and Heart-shaped diamond.


Grouping of colored gemstone diamond rings stacked
Grouping of colored gemstone diamond rings stacked

Naturally, every diamond has a slightly yellowish coloration, which means that the less color it presents, the purer it considers. There’s a scale that evaluates the unique qualities of the diamond, being the letter D colorless up until the letter Z, a diamond with a yellow tone.

KLMFaint yellow
NOPQRClear yellow
STUVWXYZYellow diamonds


Clarity is a scale that measures the rarity and purity of the diamond, which gets classified by the visibility of the characteristics while being observed under a magnification of 10x.

How do you measure clarity?

There is a standard that classifies the clarity and quality of the diamonds by their internal flaws.

FL Perfect (flawless)
IFInternally flawless
VVS1/VVS2Very very slightly included
VS1/VS2Very slightly included
SI1/Sl2Slightly included


Diamond on black. Beautiful shining crystal
Diamond on black. Beautiful shining crystal

Surprisingly, what determines the weight of the diamond it’s not the size, but the carats, which can vary between jewels because of some properties like the cut´s depth.

More carats don’t mean better quality or price, the group of the 4C are what dictate the value of the diamond.

Now that you know, make sure to visit our site and acquire the best jewels for you.

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