My name is
- Dominique

Odem Joyas is synonymous with exclusivity and quality. The work we do is very demanding, we take care of all the details to achieve the result we want: a beautiful piece of unique creation.

Our clients know that the entire production process from the selection of gemstones to the sale itself is carried out personally by us.

We have a jewelry workshop where we offer our clients all the services they need: special orders, our own designs, repairs, etc.
We create very special jewelry for very special clients like you …

We specialize in gemstones of all types and sizes, with extensive experience to provide you with the quality and color you are looking for, without entailing higher costs.

You can quote with us the diamond you are looking for, we will try to give you the best quality at the best price.

Many people buy gemstones by type – for example, they like to buy sapphire, tourmaline, or amethyst. But one thing we’ve learned in the colored gem business is that most customers are concerned with color, and are less interested in gem variety as long as the one they buy lasts long enough for their purpose. Since color is actually the most important factor for most people when it comes to buying gemstones, it only makes sense that you start your search by buying gemstones by color.